Skills: Exorcism, Part 2

A sequel to my “Exorcism as Intimidation” idea, I thought of yet more utilities to the Exorcism skill! I imagined that Exorcism could be the “magical undead” version of Animal Handling, where having the skill at 15 or more could give undead creatures a -1 to attack a skilled subject, and -1 to defense rolls against them. […]

Trait: Cannot Sink

Bouyancy. It’s all about density. From about second grade or so (depending on where you got an education), we all learn that an object suspended in a fluid will float or sink depending on its relative density to the fluid. For example, a block of steel could float in a body of mercury, if you had enough […]

Skills: Exorcism, Part 1

During a session I was running, I realized that the cleric of the team had the Exorcism skill and was fighting undead, but never got a chance to actually use the Exorcism skill! I found an excellent analog was Intimidation (as covered in DF10: Taverns, p.13), except only affecting “magically-created undead creatures”. As a holy […]

Come Fly With Me – Part 2: Know Your Subraces

In fantasy, subraces are the perfect way of taking one somewhat generalized species and giving it a special twist. In the case of aarakocra, subraces archetypes are built upon birds and their fantastic variety. Below are a few examples of aarakocra subraces, as well as the paperwork I used to keep score! Nocturi – – – – […]

Come Fly With Me – Aarakocras and You – Part 1

In worlds of magic, worlds of sword and sorcery, the ability to fly often remains elusive, even to extraordinary land-dwellers. Mages and warlocks raise their heads in wonder at inaccessible peaks and shake their fists. But do not despair, noble adventurer, for there is a anthropoid that may be able to help you. A race of flighted […]

The GURPS Point Profile – v5.5

For the longest time I had been putting off the showcasing of my Magnum Opus–the Point Profile. Originally it was poorly formatted, didn’t calculate point costs, and was simply unfriendly to the eyes. I now present the GURPS Point Profile v5.5, a spreadsheet all of you GURPS fans can copy-paste into your own Google Drives […]