THE BLOG RISES (legends of the Fantasy Cave Region)

After a long, long pause, this blog is ready to rise from the deep where it slumbered for eons. And for thematic reasons, I’ll begin this resurgence with some fascinating races of the… underground-lands? Hmm. That’s not a terribly great name… so in that case, today we’ll be talking about various Fantasy Cave Regions (FCR) and deciding on […]

Pyramid Magazine by Genre

Hello readers! Today I’d like to show you about an hour’s work of sorting through all 101 (current) Pyramid Magazine issues and sorting them into five major categories. If you’re looking for an issue of a specific genre, look below, then stop by at Warehouse 23! (Also if you’re looking for a bulk buy, they’re […]

How to make Monster Variants (Template)

  This is the blank template you can use to make your own monster variants! Culture word Arts and Recreation word Deoculture/Religion word Food word Government word Language word Magioculture/Magic word Monster Allies, Patrons, and Dependents word Shelters and Architecture word Tabboos word Values word   Biomes Land Biomes Arctic Desert Island/Beach Jungle Mountain Plains […]

Broglie, Forest Troll

This nine-foot troll has the stare of a creature who’s seen a little of everything. Perhaps too much. Broglie talks like an old man, using phrases and idioms that people haven’t used in decades. His true age is a mystery, but if local legend is correct, he’s at least 90 years old, and nobody knows how […]

Terribly Sorry :(

Due to some personal issues I’ve been slipping quite a lot with my blog posts lately, and I apologize. I am currently putting this blog on hiatus until I can sort things out.   You’ll know when I resume–either by new Twitter posts at @tallordaniels or at the Hoploloblog forum page.

New Point Profile — For NPCs!

A new Point Profile is available, this time made a little more compatible with classic GURPS NPC write-ups! No more fussing over matching HP to ST, FP to HT, and calculating Basic Speed–it’s a spreadsheet, it does that auto-magically! Enjoy!