Making Monsters Stand Out: An Attempt At Unique Encounters

Almost every time I come up with a monster encounter–improvised or not–I tend to try my darnedest to make different monsters use different weapons, abilities and tactics. Sometimes it’s easy. Creatures with inherently exotic abilities–or mastery of one college of magic–are perfect subjects. But mostly, it’s hard, and it involves me stressing over details. You can make goblins […]

Skills: Exorcism, Part 2

A sequel to my “Exorcism as Intimidation” idea, I thought of yet more utilities to the Exorcism skill! I imagined that Exorcism could be the “magical undead” version of Animal Handling, where having the skill at 15 or more could give undead creatures a -1 to attack a skilled subject, and -1 to defense rolls against them. […]

Trait: Cannot Sink

Bouyancy. It’s all about density. From about second grade or so (depending on where you got an education), we all learn that an object suspended in a fluid will float or sink depending on its relative density to the fluid. For example, a block of steel could float in a body of mercury, if you had enough […]

Skills: Exorcism, Part 1

During a session I was running, I realized that the cleric of the team had the Exorcism skill and was fighting undead, but never got a chance to actually use the Exorcism skill! I found an excellent analog was Intimidation (as covered in DF10: Taverns, p.13), except only affecting “magically-created undead creatures”. As a holy […]

Come Fly With Me – Part 2: Know Your Subraces

In fantasy, subraces are the perfect way of taking one somewhat generalized species and giving it a special twist. In the case of aarakocra, subraces archetypes are built upon birds and their fantastic variety. Below are a few examples of aarakocra subraces, as well as the paperwork I used to keep score! Nocturi – – – – […]