Skills: Exorcism, Part 2

A sequel to my “Exorcism as Intimidation” idea, I thought of yet more utilities to the Exorcism skill!

I imagined that Exorcism could be the “magical undead” version of Animal Handling, where having the skill at 15 or more could give undead creatures a -1 to attack a skilled subject, and -1 to defense rolls against them. Being a master of Exorcism (Skill at 20+) would give a -2 in the same regard. This could and probably should only apply to non-sapient (IQ 5 or less) undead, since liches and revenants would change up their tactics and not be as predictable.

Perhaps you could mix the ideas from Part 1 and Part 2, allowing Exorcism to have a passive penalty against a skilled subject, and a universal penalty if demoralized by a successful skill roll. Hey, maybe even throw in that critical successes do 1d toxic damage!

What do you think?

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